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 How to play and install Backups with Kmeaw CFW

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PostSubject: How to play and install Backups with Kmeaw CFW    Wed Jul 13, 2011 2:00 am

With the latest developments on the PS3 scene, it seems that Wutangrza has finally managed to get backups to run on PS3 fw 3.55 with his CFW (custom firmware). Now to lay out a few ground rules before I go on with this tutorial. Please understand that there are 3 different main CFW floating around right now. They are Geohots, Wutangrza, Waninkoko . and kmeaw CFW; feel free to read more about each one and learn about them before contuning with this guide. Please note that the Waninkoko has a high rate of PS3 bricking so it is not recommended, where as the Wutangrza CFW or kmeaw CFW (what this guide will cover), almost no reports of bricked PS3′s have been reported. So if something went wrong, you didn’t follow the directions below.

This guide will teach you how to install kmeaw CFW, how to enable the use of backup managers and play backed up (legal) games/homebrew and connect to PSN. This guide works for almost every other current CFW (minus the files). This guide is for educational purposes only.

Lets get started….

1. Download the original PS3 firmware 3.55 here or here Update your PS3 to the original PS3 firmware 3.55 (regardless of what CFW your currently are).

2. In this step we will create the patched custom firmware. You can either make your OWN patched CFW or download a prepatched one. Due to legal reasons we will not link the prepatched PUP in this tutorial, but you are free to “google” it. Just make sure you know the source of the prepatched PUP and the MD5/SHA1 match up. We will show you how to make your own (windows).

Download the required the files for CFW here
Download the original PS3 firmware 3.55 (same as the one you downloaded in Step 1)

2a) Extract the kmeaw_cfw_lv2.pkg.rar folder and copy the original PS3 3.55 CFW (PS3UPDAT.PUP) inside the your folder (see screenshot).

4. Navigate to your folder
5. Once there, type in the following exactly as shown in quotes:

Quote :
bspatch PS3UPDAT.PUP PS3CFW.PUP patchfile
6. Let it run and do the patching, then you should now see a “PS3CFW.PUP” folder in your folder.
7. Delete the original PS3UPDAT.pup and rename “PS3CFW.pup” to PS3UPDAT.pup
8. You have now created your patched CFW and are now ready to update.
9. Before proceeding please make sure that the MD5 should be the following (or for any you find online):
Quote :
Original FW PUP md5 before patching: ca595ad9f3af8f1491d9c9b6921a8c61

Quote :
Patched PUP md5 after patching: 2be5e87a22bf1e7f48e98fcabd38977b
10. Time to install the custom firmware. This step is pretty much standard for all/any patched CFW file you may be using. Copy the newly created and renamed PS3UPDAT.PUP to your flash drive (/PS3/UPDATE/PS3UPDAT.PUP). And now update your PS3 firmware as normal via XMB.

Note: If you get a error saying that your already at the latest update and it kicks you out, then you need to update your PS3 CFW via RECOVERY mode. TO boot into recover mode read this.
I got that error first time going through so I went ahead via recovery menu to complete the process.

If you see this on your XMB then the CFW installed properly:

11. Now that CFW is installed its time to get the backup managers to work. Download Kmeaw Patch here
This is a PKG which you install via PKG option in XMB. You have to run this whenever you want to run the backup manager (per restart). This PKG does certain things I will not go into that allows backup managers to run with this particular CFW. It is likely that backupmanagers in the future will build this feature in so do some research on this once this guide gets a bit dated.

12. Install a backup manager (must be signed), I recommend and am using Rogero manager v7.8:

Quote :
Rogero BM Manager v7.8 download

Some notes on backup managers – you must have any original PS3 game inside and you must boot from XMB.

See more PS3 signed homebrew here:

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

And there you go, you should have backups now running on your PS3
Please reply back with any questions/helps and your results!

If your having black screens popup while playing a game via BM then chances are you have an issue with “file permissions” in your internal HDD. To fix this, download THIS pkg into your Flash Drive or External HDD, and install it, run it once, the screen will go black and then it’ll go back to the XMB, then you should be able to run all your games properly.

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How to play and install Backups with Kmeaw CFW
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