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 How To Play Call of Duty : Black Ops on 3.41 firmware

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PostSubject: How To Play Call of Duty : Black Ops on 3.41 firmware    Wed Jul 13, 2011 3:11 am

So you've gone out and bought your self Black Ops, Only to find that you cant play it on you're jailbroken ps3 because it requiresd F/W 3.50. Well what if I told you that it was actually complied on F/W 3.40! Here is a guide on how to play the game on 3.41.

1. Download your game update to 1.02 according to your game’s ID (BLUS30591, BLES01035, BLES01032Each file is about 20mb 56K warning)

2. Download this package (hotfile,filefactory)

3. Navigate to your game’s folder :
Quote :

4. Using FTP mode, edit PARAM.SFO’s version using PS3SFOEdit (included in the package). You need to change version from 3.5000 to 3.4000. Then you need to save file and replace it.

5. Install the game update (.PKG file), to do so, copy the file to your USB Hard Drive’s root dir, and select “Install Package Files” from your PS3.

6. Copy EBOOT.BIN file in this folder :
Quote :

7. Repeat step #4 with PARAM.SFO file in directory :
Quote :

8. Repeat step #4 with metadata_db_hdd file in directory :
Quote :

9. Now you can enjoy Black Ops on your Jailbroken Ps3 without updating
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How To Play Call of Duty : Black Ops on 3.41 firmware
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